Over 70% of the world’s Internet users do not speak English and these non-English Internet users are taking to the Internet faster than the English speakers. On the one hand, these statistics are surprising, while on the other they present an opportunity which is being missed by most in the industry. With most content on the Internet still in English, there is a chance to reach a large growing Internet user base to pitch content and products. There is, therefore, a need to align the communication and marketing strategies to pitch to these new users. The ideal way to do so would be to make the existing video content comprehensible to this vast section of Internet users.

Videos are also popularly used for training purposes within corporations as well as for DIY activities for clients. When your product reach breaches regional boundaries, you need to make these videos relevant to the all growing customers irrespective of which language they speak. Using professional translation services and a video language translator these videos can be translated into various languages in a jiffy, saving the company time and money. Remember that there is need to account for cultural nuances and therefore traditional one-stop translation services do not work. The solution is engaging a video language translator! It is important to pick a professional translation service which has the experience and the required resources to provide the best video translation.

Here is the general process that is followed to convert the video language:

1. Upload the video files that need to be translated. Ideally if the transcript is given with the video it would help speed up the process.

2. Use the language alignment service to align the transcript given to the video with time-synchronized captions.

3. Setting up a translation profile: This provides the translator with a background in the video with information regarding the business of the company to specifics of what the video is required to communicate in general.

Once this information is shared with the professional translation services, you can expect to receive the video in the language of your choice taking into consideration the nuances of the language and cultural sensitivities.

An online video translated into the local language will help your company break language barriers and expand the reach to provide new products in new virgin markets or providing assistance to a whole new section of different Internet users who will benefit from your thoughts and processes to become associated with your company for a long time to come.

It is important to note that while many online websites propose to provide translation services, be sure to choose wisely.